The Chesapeake Bay TMDL 2017 Midpoint Assessment

The December 2010 Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (Bay TMDL) calls for an assessment in 2017 to review our progress toward meeting the nutrient and sediment pollutant load reductions identified in the 2010 Bay TMDL, Phase I and Phase II Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs) and two-year milestones. The driving purpose of the Bay TMDL's 2017 midpoint assessment is to streamline implementation and to make challenges to implementation more understandable for the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership as we move towards 2017 and 2025

Project Plan and 2017 Midpoint Assessment Priorities

The Chesapeake Bay Program established 14 primary Midpoint Assessment priorities to support achieving the primary objectives of the Midpoint Assessment. These 14 priorities are listed below. Click on each priority for more information about the priority and to access supporting documentation and associated work products. Work products are updated on a variable schedule, depending on the priority and nature of the work product.

Midpoint Assessment & Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Schedule

The CBP partnership has developed an overall schedule and specific midpoint assessment priority schedules to achieve an effective balance between sufficient review time for tool revisions/review/ concurrence and sufficient time for target development and implementation planning. These documents will be updated on a monthly basis, at a minimum

MPA & Phase III WIP Schedule Documents:
Midpoint Assessment Decision & Briefing Timeline

Midpoint Assessment Schedule Adjustments